Program Support Services Highlights

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Office of Clinical Quality and Safety (OCQS)

Accel provided project management support for the Learning Health System portfolio of projects and core business processes, in particular for the coordination of ONC PCOR-related activities. Accel was responsible for assisting the ONC Lead Scientist manage the day-to-day operations of cross-coordination of the ONC PCOR projects. Accel was also required to maintain and implement an ONC PCOR coordination work plan that addressed managing, planning and coordinating ONC PCOR project deliverables. Lastly, Accel was responsible for developing and submitting ONC PCOR program content in response to regularly scheduled and ad-hoc data calls for ONC-wide project management tracking and reporting processes.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Office of Policy (OPol)

Accel provided project management support to ONC in managing and executing activities for the Health IT Policy and Standards Committees and task forces. This included day-to-day logistics, agenda setting, executing Committee meetings and workgroup meetings both in-person and virtual, coordination across the Committees and workgroups, direct support for the development of materials for the Committees and workgroups, and reporting and coordination internally within ONC.


•  Federal IT Policy & Governance
•  Software Architecture
•  Database Design & Development
•  Data Migration & Validation
•  Real-time Dashboard Reporting
•  Project Management
•  Database Management


•  In-Person and Virtual Meeting Support
•  Program Management Office
•  Subject Matter Expertise
•  Meeting Logistics & Documentation
•  Closed Captioning & Transcription
•  Travel & Reimbursement
•  508 Compliance Support
•  Web Based Portal Management System


•  Project Management
•  Subject Matter Expertise
•  Data Analytics
•  Risk Management
•  Performance Management
•  Change Management
•  Human Resources Consulting